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Total Praise - Worship Choir

Friendship SBC Worship Choir Practicing for the Christmas Production

When the law is preached, it only has one function - and that is to kill the self. The preaching of the law is to not able to bring about holiness. It does not have that ability. But before Christ can bring new life, the law must first bring death. In this message, we examine the Biblical function of the law to bring us to the foot of the Cross.

Two Handed Worship

Do with worship God because of our needs, or do we worship God because of his victory? Why do some worship God with the wrong motives? This sermon examines the reasons for our worship, and the finished work of Jesus Christ.

We are Not Antinomians

Many have labeled the preachers of grace as "antinomians", meaning, they consider that the law no longer has value. In this sermon, we examine Apostle Paul's response to the accusers who said he no longer saw the value of the law, as we see the proper value that the law has in pointing us to the finished work of Jesus.

Your Maiden Name is Law Keeper

Why does everyone try to live under law? It's because we don't know what the finished work of Christ has done. When we see the new nature that has been given to us through the Cross, we no longer live under the burden of trying to be good enough.

School is Out for the Summer

The Bible tells us in Roman's 6:14 that we are no under law but under grace. What does this look like in a practical sense when it comes to daily following Christ? In this message, we examine the practical implications of grace and how we are liberated to worship Christ.

The modern Gospel tells us that God has a good plan for our life and doesn't want us to endure harm. But is this the actual new testament model? Is this the process that is being played out for Christians not only through history but in the world today? In this sermon we examine the problem of pain and the solution of Christ.

God is not Bi-Polar

Some people think the God of the Old Testament looks different than the God of the New Testament. But they key is, God has progressively revealed his character in such a way to reveal the ultimate nature of his character - and that nature is Jesus Christ.

In this message, we look at the imperfect system of the Old Covenant compared to the perfect system of the New Covenant, and why the New Covenant is able to cleanse the conscience of the believer.

In this sermon we examine 3 dangerous philosophies that have integrated into the presentation of the Gospel. These philosophies are: humanism, modernism, and hedonism. In conclusion, we examine the authentic presentation of the Gospel and the proper motivation for following Christ.

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