Friendship Southern Baptist Church


Building a Bridge to Christ

1. They were willing to do what had never been done, in order to reach someone who had never been reached. 2. They were selfless 3. They were faithful

Real Intimacy

1. Stop Trying - it's ok to cease, it's ok to fail, it's ok to heal 2. Start Knowing 3. Stay Connected

Inward Relationship-Dying to Self

Sleep should be with a Plan Sleep should be with a Purpose Sleep should be with a Protector

A Biblical call to the sick of the church and the elders of the church to walk in the anointing and faith which the New Testament does set forth. Contains an explanation of the use of anointing oil.

Wilt Thou be Made Whole?

Jesus did not ask about his Condition. Jesus did not ask for Excuses. Jesus commanded his Wholeness.

The Bread from Heaven

Jesus is the True Bread from Heaven. Those who eat of the Bread from Heaven will: Never Go Hungry Never Be Cast Out Never Die

We have a High Priest

We have a High Priest who Defeated We have a High Priest who Completed We have a High Priest who Interceeded

Stay Amazed

Stay Amazed by Jennifer Mayfield