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The Story of God

God's Glory in Suffering part 2

God uses our suffering as a means of sanctification to bring about his glory.

God's Plan to Save

Scripture declares that God will have mercy on whom he decides, and compassion on whom he decides. How is God just in this decision? We answer this question in the sermon from Romans chapter 9.

In Romans Chapter 9, Apostle Paul discusses the doctrine of election, using the story of Jacob and Esau to illustrate this point. What does God mean by saying, "Jacob I have loved, but Esau I have hated"? This sermon attempts to answer that question.

Even when man fails, God still succeeds. The Biblical narrative does not show the lineage of faithful heroes, but the story of a faithful God.

Jesus Wins

Jesus doesn't win in the end. He has already won now, and because of his victory we fight with a crown.

Unstoppable Glorification

What shall we say to these things? This is the response of the Apostle Paul towards the knowledge of God's unstoppable plan for the glorification of his name and of his children. In this message, we are again directed to the sovereignty of God in the salvation of his people, and his plan to create a new heaven and new earth.