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There has been a historical confusion about the purpose of fasting in relation to our walk with God. Pastor Jesse identifies 3 keys to understanding the proper introduction of fasting into our spiritual routine.

When Jesus Messes up Religion

Mary Had a little lamb, who's fleece was white as snow, And in this sermon about Simeon, great things about Christ you shall know.

Satisfied in Christ

Living from a mindset of peace means being satisfied with life. How can we be satisfied in the midst of life's troubling circumstances? That question is answered in this week's sermon about Simeon in Luke chapter 2.

A Holy Spirit Covenant

Can a Christian lose their salvation? This question is answered in today's sermon about the function of the Holy Spirit.

The Blood that Speaks a Better Word

The blood of Abel cried for Punishment, but the blood of Christ called for Propitiation. The blood of Abel cried for Justice, but the blood of Christ called for Justification. The blood of Abel cried for vengeance, but the blood of Christ calls for victory.

The first Advent Rescued us from our Enemy. The first Advent Enables us to serve without Fear. The first Advent results in our Sanctification and Justification forever.

God will tear down our house of comfort, so that we can rest in his tower of grace.

Beware of False Growth

There are those who don't understand, those who don't trust, those who don't worship, and those who don't quit. Which one are you?

A conclusion from the major themes of Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes

The Elements of Blessing

The 5 Elements of Blessing are: Time Touch Talk Truth Teaching