Friendship Southern Baptist Church


The Elements of Blessing

The 5 Elements of Blessing are: Time Touch Talk Truth Teaching

That your Joy may be Complete

His Grace abides in us, His Word Abides in us, His Joy abides in us, Our Joy can be Complete

Knowing God Through Worship

Fathers Cannot Do It Alone Walk with your brothers and sisters in Christ The Church is the body of Christ

Know Your Destination

Jesse uses a train analogy to explain the destination of your life and soul

Pray Like Jesus

Your prayers don't have to be long. They can be short and sweet. You can pray to Jesus and God anywhere at anytime that you are. He is everywhere. Set aside time for God and build a relationship with him. Pray with your heart, he knows your desires before you ask so be truthful and clear. God says anything you ask in my name of my will I will give.

Suffering that Releases Flavor

God is still with us through the suffering. He gives us Hope.

Hope in Jesus

Have Hope in Jesus