Friendship Southern Baptist Church


The Blood that Speaks a Better Word

The blood of Abel cried for Punishment, but the blood of Christ called for Propitiation. The blood of Abel cried for Justice, but the blood of Christ called for Justification. The blood of Abel cried for vengeance, but the blood of Christ calls for victory.

The Swaddling Cloth Restricted his hands, restricted his feet, restricted his body. Listen to the story about the unrestricted King who chooses to become restricted.

Christians can be Perfect

Should the Christian aim for the standard of being perfect? This question is answered with this sermon.

The first Advent Rescued us from our Enemy. The first Advent Enables us to serve without Fear. The first Advent results in our Sanctification and Justification forever.

God will tear down our house of comfort, so that we can rest in his tower of grace.

Abraham is considered the Father in the spiritual lineage of Christians, because he was called according to Grace.

Beware of False Growth

There are those who don't understand, those who don't trust, those who don't worship, and those who don't quit. Which one are you?

You are No Longer a Sinner

You cannot be simultaneously righteous and a sinner. The old nature is no longer in effect. God sees you as already perfected.

A conclusion from the major themes of Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes