Friendship Southern Baptist Church


Some people think that preaching big grace is a license to sin? Is this true? This question is answered in today's sermon from Romans 6:1 and 2.

How is every human, even those who have never heard the law of God, still morally responsible to a Holy and Righteous God on the day of judgement? This question is answered in part 2 of Original Sin.

Our understanding of the work of Christ will depend upon our understanding of the failure of Adam. In the message, Pastor Jesse Watkins explores the historical concept of original sin, and the following implications for the rest of theology.

We Are More than Saved

In the letter of Romans, Apostle Paul develops his account of theology for 5 chapters before introducing the concept of being "saved." In this sermon we examine the present condition of the Christian, as opposed to simply the future state.

In 1741, the most famous sermon ever given in the US was delivered by Jonathan Edwards entitled, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." Pastor Jesse's sermon from Romans 5:6 asks the question - "Did Jonathan Edwards reveal the full character of God?"

Boasting in Hope

What is the foundation for a Christian to have hope? This question is answered in today's sermon from Romans chapter 5.

Christians can be Perfect

Should the Christian aim for the standard of being perfect? This question is answered with this sermon.

Romans 1:24