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New House for Haiti Missionary

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In the fall of 2014, some missionaries from Friendship Southern Baptist and representatives from other churches in the Concord area traveled to Haiti for the specific purpose of building a house for our missionary, Pastor Eneck Desir.  

Pastor Eneck moved back to his home country of Haiti shortly after Easter in 2014, and lived with his mother-in-law.  There were currently about 10 people living in the three bedroom house, so it was pertinent that Eneck had a structure of his own for his wife and 5 year old son.  

Fortunately, there was an existing concrete foundation near the house they were living in, where a house once stood that collapsed during the 2010 earthquake.  We were able to make use of this foundation, and build a three room dwelling place that is typical of a Haitian home. It contains a living room, bedroom, and bathroom.  

This entire house was finished for around $10,000 USD.  The awesome thing about missions in Haiti is that US dollars go a long way.  Haitians are accustomed to smaller living spaces than Americans, because most of them cook outside and spend most of their eating and recreational time outside.  

Through the help of contributors at Friendship SBC, and other churches in the Concord area, Eneck has been able to move to Haiti, purchase a vehicle, reside in his own house, and continue overseeing the ministry of Friendship Baptist of Haiti, located in Marin.  

We are looking to complete the construction of Friendship Baptist of Haiti in January of 2016.  This summer, we will be taking a group of college students and young adults to run sports camps in the village of Marin, and participate in Vacation Bible School with Friendship Baptist of Haiti.