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Haiti Mission Team

Posted by Jesse Watkins on

On August 24th of 2013, 10 Missionaries from Friendship SBC departed to Port-Au-Prince Haiti for a week long mission trip.  Three main items were accomplised on this trip:

Friendship Baptist of Haiti

Our team of men broke ground in the village of Marin on Friendship Baptist of Haiti, Pastor by Pradieu Jean-Baptiste.  Here you see on of our team members digging the foundation which was approximately 100 feet by 50 feet.  The foundation was completed by day 4 of the project.

break ground

Medical Mission Team

Our team of ladies on the trip spent 4 days teaching a medical clinic to the women of a village called Canaan.  Many medical supplies were dispensed and given instruction on how to use.  


Vacation Bible School

In the village of Canaan, we partnered with the Evangelical Baptist Church of Canaan for a Four Day Vacation Bible School which ministered to over 200 children.  Pastor Eneck Desir, a member of Friendship SBC, served as the interpreter all week for the medical training and the vacation bible school.  Here you can see some of the Friendship team distributing hand-made dresses to the girls that attended the Vacation Bible School.  We are so proud of the women at Friendship who made over 200 dresses that were distributed during the mission project.


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